Sunday, 31 March 2013

Spring Planter Boxes

My grade 2 students recently created these mixed media flower planters to celebrate Spring. The project was inspired by my mother in law, Jennie, who managed to collect all of the interesting shaped cardboard boxes from her workplace for me (thank you!!).

As they looked like mini planter boxes to me, I had students paint them in a terracotta shade. After some tips and instructions, they then made various coloured paper flowers and glued them to small kebab skewers painted green. For the soil, we stuffed shredded paper into each box and painted it black before planting our flowers.

Home and Astray.

Hi All - To fuel my addiction for a) blogging and b) interior/home design magazines and blogs

I have started a new daily blog. If you are interested, you can check it out here.

Clay Chinese Dragons

These dragons were made by my Grade 5 students earlier this year for Year of The Dragon. After some research, we discovered that Chinese dragons are traditionally portrayed as a creature with a snake-like body, the head of a camel, ears of a cow, eyes of a bull, horns of a stag, scales of a fish and claws of an eagle.
These individual characteristics really helped the students to create their dragons one feature at a time. After firing, the dragons were painted and some students chose to add glitter or googly eyes.


Hot Chocolate Paintings

Yes, I have been a bad blogger. Sorry for not posting for a couple of months - I needed a bit of a break. I am now back with a vengeance and have a huge backlog of art work to post about so stay tuned! The school year has finished and I have a nice long summer holiday in front of me. However, I'm going to begin with a post for my followers on the opposite side of the world.

These hot chocolate (or hot cocoa as some of you may call it) paintings were done by my grade 3 students earlier this year (during our Winter). The idea came from this image I found on Pinterest. Unfortunately it doesn't link back to the original source so if you know who I should thank for the idea, please let me know!

Drawing cups was actually a great way to teach about ellipses and the perspective of round objects. After painting we added a couple of collage elements - cotton wool for the steam and for marshmallows we stuck on pieces of that foam that comes with packages (the stuff that is actually made of some type of cereal).

London Snowglobes

To celebrate the Olympic Games in London earlier this year, my grade ones created these London snowglobes as a souvenir. These were inspired by the fantastic 'giddy giddy' blog with their snowglobe postcards.

I had my students choose a famous London landmark to draw inside a circle. They then coloured their drawings with textas and addded spots of glue and glitter for the snow. We then cut a round, frame from black card and added a base to their snowglobe by cutting a piece from brown paper and writing the name of their chosen landmark.