Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hot Chocolate Paintings

Yes, I have been a bad blogger. Sorry for not posting for a couple of months - I needed a bit of a break. I am now back with a vengeance and have a huge backlog of art work to post about so stay tuned! The school year has finished and I have a nice long summer holiday in front of me. However, I'm going to begin with a post for my followers on the opposite side of the world.

These hot chocolate (or hot cocoa as some of you may call it) paintings were done by my grade 3 students earlier this year (during our Winter). The idea came from this image I found on Pinterest. Unfortunately it doesn't link back to the original source so if you know who I should thank for the idea, please let me know!

Drawing cups was actually a great way to teach about ellipses and the perspective of round objects. After painting we added a couple of collage elements - cotton wool for the steam and for marshmallows we stuck on pieces of that foam that comes with packages (the stuff that is actually made of some type of cereal).

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